59  Halsey  Street,  Newark,  New Jersey  07102

Under Vaad Hakashrus
of Flatbush


We take pride of our quality, healthy products and service. Here are some of the reviews and testimonials we got:

I'm so grateful there is FINALLY a true and authentic place in downtown Newark that sells great falafel sandwiches and much more. The Green Chicpea is the place if you want fresh, tasty Mediterranean food! This is my go-to spot when I'm attending classes at Rutgers and I'm in the mood for a falafel sandwich!  I highly recommend this place. You won't be disappointed!
Shamine M.
  • Union, NJ
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The food here is AMAZING! Fantastic garlic mayo and shawarma and wraps. Ended up going here twice in two days when I was staying in Newark. The atmosphere is great, too, but... wow. The food. Definitely try this out if you're in the area.
Nicole Flynn
The food is amazing! Healthy, reasonable prices, and delicious. LOVE IT.
Dijha Allen
Best falafel I ate outside Israel. Also great soups.
Alisa Krishtal

I took one bite out of this falafel and it put every other store that offers falafel I've been to to shame! I barely took time to breathe as I ate. I literally had to pause at one point to assess just how delicious and fresh everything tasted....and its super healthy!  Some fresh baked bread accompanied it but I only took a bite but even the bread puts you in a trance. I absolutely recommend Green Chicpea but just make sure you're not too hungry as they do take sometime to deliver (35+ minutes).  They now have  groupie!
Laur D.
Newark, NJ

If you are looking for good vegetarian and healthy options near the Rutgers/Prudential area, then the Green Chicpea should be your next option. 
This place is family owned business serving very good falafel and vegetarian food as well as some flesh and kosher options. 
The menu is a little confusing at first but basically you select the type of meal you want and then your sides and flesh or protein.
L. Eliza C.
New York, NY
The concept is pretty easy, it's kinda like Chipotle, but Mediterranean food and its certified kosher. You pick a protein (which is different preparations of chicken or falaffel), and then you pick sides.
Chicken shwarma is pretty good especially with harissa sauce, the chicken was still moist and was full of flavor. 

Kenny L.
  • Jersey City, NJ
I have to say, when my boyfriend told me we'd eat lunch near Rutgers, I was picturing sandwiches with french fries stuffed in them, but instead got a wonderful Middle Eastern meal.  
The setup is similar to Chipotle, in that you pick chicken or falafel and then either choose a platter, pita, or laffa (basically a burrito), and then you pick your fixin's.  I went with the chicken shwarma, red cabbage salad, and the babaghanoush, along with a healthy smear of hummus inside the pita, and asked for spicy sauce to top it off.  It was delicious, and the chicken was moist but still had those wonderful crunchy bits that shwarma should have.  My boyfriend won in the ordering though (how does he always do that??) and got the falafel pita with roasted eggplant salad and tabbouleh.  SO GOOD.  So tangy, flavorful, and full of veggies, yum!  
Believe me, I will be back to get some of that falafel action.

Maeve C.
  • Brooklyn, NY
Amazing, authentic Middle Eastern food with friendly service! Not cheap, but you get what you pay for-- quality ingredients prepared with care. So happy to have this place around the corner from Rutgers!
Sarah T.
Love this place so much. Clean and food is always good. Have referred many people. One tiny glitch for me and a couple of others is that the falafel is a bit too salty. This will not stop us from coming or even eating it here and there, but once that is adjusted I will add my last star.
Buttr flye
We have the perfect combination of nutritious and delicious. But donít take our word for it.
Once youíve tasted the food at The Green Chicpea
, youíll get it. Youíll want to come back for more!


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