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 Access Control

 Intercom System


- Front Doors
- Glass Doors
- Closet Doors

C.C.T.V: Closed security television systems - Cameras, Video Recorders, wireless systems.

Wide Dynamic Color By Day B,W By Night Video Camera. Specifically Designed For Challenging Daynight Surveillance Applications recorders

Digital 4-Channel Video Recorder
Day And Night Digital Color High-Resolution Camera Single Channel Digital Video Recorder 120 Gb
Low Light, Vandal Proof Dome Camera Cutting Edge Technology Of Hot Swapping Allows Users To Replace The Hdds Without Turning Off The Digital Video Recorder
Color Bullet Camera With Infrared Leds, It Automatically Switches To B,W In The Dark, Up To 50Ft In Total Darkness
4 Channel Digital Video Recorder, Combines The Power Of Triplex Multiplexing And Digital Video Recording Into One 80-120 Gb
Color Daynight Bullet Camera, Built-In Infrared Led'S 16 Channel New Generation Of Digital Recorders
Lowlight, High Resolution, (Ntsc)
Designed Particularly For The Security Industry, Seamlessly Combining Video Multiplexing, Digital Recording, And Motion Detection.16 Color Or Bw Camera Inputs 160 Gb

Barak Locksmith is a team of expert  locksmiths in the New York City and the surrounding areas, offering services of installation, repairs, replacement for high security Locks  Doors, C.C.T.V, Intercom System, Access Control and more to high-tech modern state of the art Security Systems. We offer a quality service and reasonable prices. Call us for your estimate
your satisfaction guaranteed.


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