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Kenya Caffe' 
 imports all it's product  to the U.S.A. We sell both Italian &  merican coffee. Our Coffee is one of the best quality and aromatic as coffee can be !
We import coffee for any use along with
Espresso machines, Cappuccino Machines, Grinders and home use coffee makers (PRIMA Machine).
Kenya Café'  - is well known all over Europe. Among our clients there are fine exclusive restaurants, coffee bars and hotels around  the East Coast - USA and  Europe.
Kenya Caffe' is unconditionally committed to provide top quality, new products and equipment.
Contact us today.

 Phone: 973 519 3174  S  Phone/Fax: 973 341 2110 
18 Commerce Road, Unit D - Fairfield, New Jersey 07004

Most of us would like to get started our day with a fresh cup of coffee...
The great Italian tradition of preparing and serving a perfect cup of espresso, cappuccino, dark coffee or latte had to be undoubtedly explained and developed in the United States in order to allow coffee shop operators to reach not only economic success but also the satisfaction that comes from knowing an art: the art of brewing a perfect coffee.

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