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  DR. Levinson, Psychologist/Director

Dr. Levinson practices in the heart of Manhattan and Pennsylvania. She is the founder and Director of Just Care Psychological Group. As such, she is dedicated to providing the highest quality of psycho- logical care.

Dr. Levinson is a Licensed NY Psychologist (License Number # 018876-1), and a Licensed PA Clinical Counselor-LPC (License Number # PC004855). She earned her Doctorate Degree with concentration on Clinical Psychology from The Union Institute and University, Master Degree in Clinical Psychology from Tel Aviv University (MAGNA CUM LAUDE), and BA in psychology from the City University of New York (SUMMA CUM LAUDE)

Areas of Specialization Are:

Individual Psychotherapy:

• Depression & Anxiety Dis-orders
• Low Self-Esteem Issues
• Personality Disorders
• Sexual Dysfunctions
• Sexual Addictions
• Mid-Life crises related to work & relationships
• Achievement Motivation, Stress
• Difficulties in Career Decision Making
• Work Related Therapy
• Procrastination, Fear of Failure

Couple Psychotherapy

Issues of : Anger, Infidelity, Trust & Parenthood

Psychological Testing

Personality and IQ Tests
General Psychological Consultation

I Frequently Employ the Following
State of The Art Techniques:

Psychological Testing - Cognitive & Personality Tests, Behavioral Contingencies  Collaborative Empiricism, Motivational Interviewing, Homework, Modeling, Cognitive Restructuring Role Playing, Interceptive exposure, Graduated Exposure, Flooding, Thought Stopping, Operant Conditioning, Exposure to Response Prevention- both In vivo and Imagine exposure, Behavioral Practice and Reinforcement.

Most importantly, she is devoted to translating these various scientific methods into serious and emphatic clinical care.



Dr. Levinson's
Personal Message to You:

"I specialize in defining the person’s difficulties in reaching her goals and ambitions. Ones defined, therapy sessions focus on constructive ways of fulfilling and achieving these targets in a timely manner. The ultimate goal of therapy is to re-shift attention and regain personal responsibility and growth.

I make sure therapeutic sessions are conducted in a confidential and supportive setting. Whenever appropriate, I am geared toward short term, goal-oriented modality. In treating patients, I am aware of and appreciate cultural differences; specifically, the importance of understanding and relating accurately to culturally diverse patients.

My clinical orientation and training is Integrative, as it combines Psycho- dynamic and Cognitive Behavioral (CBT) perspectives with Eastern one. Although the main focus is on the "Here and Now", I examine how family history and early attachment styles are repeated and manifested in today’s life. I probe for problematic thinking styles and attitudes that are often part of personality disorders and self-handicapping strategies. In many cases, this plays a central role in depression, anxiety, phobias, and mal-adaptive decision making- both in relationships and in career choices"

Doctorate Abstract Dissertation:

The current investigation was prompted by the pervasive phenomenon whereby women adopt educational and career goals which appear inappropriately low in comparison to their abilities. It appears that a large percentage of these intellectual women engage in self-sabotaging behaviors such as procrastination, denigration, and de-valuation with respect to their careers. Fear of success (FOS) has served as a vehicle for the study of women's achievement motivation and related women's issues. The present study examined the relationship between procrastination and FOS. The author hypothesized that (a) there is a positive correlation between FOS and procrastination, (b) there are differences in levels of FOS-and career procrastination between employed and unemployed women, and  (c)  in  contrast  to  the  third hypothesis,


there are no differences in levels of procrastination and in FOS between mothers and women who do not have children. The results of this investigation fully support the first hypothesis: a significant positive correlation was found between FOS and both general and career procrastination. The higher the FOS, the more women tend to procrastinate in their daily life and in their careers. Also, it was found that women who are employed fear success significantly less than women who are unemployed. Finally, no differences in levels of procrastination or in FOS were found between mothers and women who are not mothers. Implications in the clinical-therapeutic realm, such as clinical interventions that might promote greater career involvement and progress among women, are discussed.



We conduct psychotherapy that is tailored to your unique personality. Since everyone deals differently with obstacles, pain and traumas-- our goal is to provide you with safe and nurturing environment, so that you can begin and move forward in your life.

We offer psychological treatment to: Individuals, Couples & Groups from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Treatment takes place in a confidential, non-judgmental, and supportive setting.

Treatment is geared towards short-term, goal -oriented modality. It is based on Integrative Psychological Orientation, as it combines Psychodynamic and Cognitive Behavioral (CBT) perspectives with Eastern ones (such as Morita Perspective).


NY psychologists & Counselors are ALL LICENSED in NY State. This is especially important since many Para-Psychologists, who do NOT have sufficient qualifications/ licensing, conduct psych-otherapy. This type of therapy may seriously risk the patient's well-being and mental health.




Dr. Hagit Levinson,
is a NY Therapist
who holds licensure to practice psychology.

Dr. Levinson's Clinical Experience:
•  Psychological Treatment within In
   & Out Patient Psychiatric Units
•  Psychotherapy in Elderly Home
•  Psychological Treatment in Multiple
   Army Settings
•  Psychotherapy in University Setting
•  Psychotherapy in Private Practice
•  Administration and Interpretation
   of Psychological Tests: Personality
   and IQ Tests
•  Psychological Evaluation Within
   The School System
•  Women Issues
•  Forensic Clinical Evaluation



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