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Dr. Nereo, Licensed LPC & LMFT

Dr. Nereo, is a Licensed Professional Counselor - LPC (Licensed #37PC00346000, NJ) and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist– LMFT (Licensed# 000329, NY).


Dr. Nereo, is a NY Therapist with Integrative Psychological Orientation that Includes:
Cognitive Behavioral (CBT), Existential, Family/ Marital Therapy, Interpersonal & Psychoanalytic. She is a NJ and NY Therapist who works with Individuals, Couples and Groups for over 30 years.


Dr. Marilynn Nereo, is a licensed NY Therapist. She earned her Bachelor degree from William Paterson University, a Master degree from Iona College, and a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Clinical Psychology from Union Institute and University. Her doctoral residency took place in Hazelden-a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. Prior to becoming a licensed NY therapist, she was an elementary school teacher. Dr. Nereo uses her teaching skills in adult education and corporate training programs.


As a NY Therapist, she has maintained a successful psychotherapy practice, working with individuals, couples, families and groups in clinical and corporate environments. As a process consultant, she has worked with special population groups, professional groups and corporate groups. She has conducted stress management workshops for major corporations, such as IBM, Sony, and adult education schools. For over 7 years she wrote a weekly column entitled, “Coping with Stress”, for seven NJ newspapers.

As a NY Therapist, Dr. Nereo, currently specializes in Addictive Disorders &Behavior. Her doctoral studies focused on Eating Disorders and addictive behavior, along with Group Therapy.


Dr. Nereo, NY Therapist- Her Personal Message to You:

“MY main focus is to get people to function better than when they come in and to work through the issues that prevent that from happening. Often, people come in distraught, and within a very short time, they begin to feel they have a better handle on their life situation. As a NY therapist, I am trained to handle deep rooted issues, if a person wishes to go deeper.

Choosing a therapist is a very personal thing. As a NY therapist, I always suggest you look for that person with whom you feel comfortable. If you're not in the right place, you'll know it. This is a very special relationship, and you won't feel helped if you don't feel a connection with your therapist".
---------------------------------------------Dr. Nereo-NY Therapist
Professional Expertise:
•  Addiction
•  Anger Management
•  Anxiety or Fears
•  Depression
•  Divorce
•  Eating Disorders
•  Loss or Grief
•  Parenting
•  Relationship Issues
•  Spirituality
•  Substance Abuse
•  Mental Health:
•  Personality Disorders



We conduct psychotherapy that is tailored to your unique personality. Since everyone deals differently with obstacles, pain and traumas-- our goal is to provide you with safe and nurturing environment, so that you can begin and move forward in your life.

We offer psychological treatment to: Individuals, Couples & Groups from diverse cultural backgrounds.
Treatment takes place in a confidential, non-judgmental, and supportive setting.

Treatment is geared towards short-term, goal -oriented modality. It is based on Integrative Psychological Orientation, as it combines Psychodynamic and Cognitive Behavioral (CBT) perspectives with Eastern ones (such as Morita Perspective).


NY psychologists & Counselors are ALL LICENSED in NY State. This is especially important since many Para-Psychologists, who do NOT have sufficient qualifications/ licensing, conduct psychotherapy. This type of therapy may seriously risk the patient's well-being and mental health.


Looking forward to Assist You.
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Dr. Nereo

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